Who can inject botox?

Before undergoing your cosmetic procedures, please make sure you check your injector's qualifications and that they are registered with AHPRA - just enter the injector's name and state (for example, QLD). They must be a registered doctor, registered nurse or dental practitioner. You can find a list of registered clinics performing botox on the Gold Coast here.

Botulinum toxin is a Schedule 4 medication in Australia. This means that it is a prescription-only medication. It is required to be prescribed by a registered medical doctor or dentist. A registered nurse can inject botox, but only under the supervision of a doctor. That is why you may have had to have a video conference with a doctor prior to your nurse injector doing the injections. If you did not meet a doctor and didn't have a video conference prior to your treatment, the doses of Botox being injected will be unregulated and you may not know if it has been mixed in the correct strength or diluted.

It is also important to note that under rules set by the Dental Board of Australia, dentists should only use Botox to treat dental conditions, such as dental-related facial pain and teeth grinding. Dentists who are giving patients a Botox beauty boost are technically acting outside of the Dental Board regulations.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, clients must not be enticed into buying medication. It is important to remember that any injectables you buy from Groupon etc. are unregulated and you may not be getting what you think you are. The product you are getting is most probably diluted or out of date.

Botox Gold Coast injector
There are many Jokers injecting cosmetics. 

In the UK, there are less regulations, with an Instagram influencer being able to become an injector after completing a weekend course. If you are interested in fillers, make sure you read this before proceeding!

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