Botched botox

Although risks and side effects of botox are low, they still exist. A myriad of side effects have been reported. These include:

Neck pain
Back pain
Dry eyes
Double vision
Allergic reaction
Flare up of cold sores
Flu-like illness
Difficulty swallowing
Shortness of breath
Urine infection
Reduced sweating in some areas
Increased sweating in other areas
Dry mouth
Loss of appetite
Abdominal discomfort

There have been no reported cases of death from the use of Botox Cosmetic since it's inception. Specific risks of botulinum toxin include:

Botox Gold Coast
Eyelid droop: the Paris Hilton ptosis effect. Although in her case, it is due to a medical condition.

Dysport Gold Coast
Eyebrow droop: in this example, this woman's right eyebrow is significantly lower than her left.

Xeomin Gold Coast
Frozen face: Nicole Kidman was well known for her stiff expressions.

The incidence of eyelid or eyebrow droop is quoted to be 1%. Botox around the mouth can also result in altered mouth movements, affecting your ability to use a straw or play musical instruments. You may also experience altered speech and different enunciation of words. So please choose your injector carefully and listen to their advice.

If you do end up with a negative experience from botox, the good thing is that it will wear off after 3 months!

An unintendend consequence of prolonged botox use is the development of antibodies to the complexing proteins surrounding the botulinum toxin. This means you may require higher and higher doses to achieve the same effect. This is less likey to occur with Xeomin, as it contains no surrounding proteins.

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